Since 2005 the Salesians of Don Bosco started to walk with this ethnic minority

Gia Rai Youth are saving the Salesians 
- Central Highlands of Vietnam
the home mission in Vietnam

Among the 95 million of Vietnam population we find also 54 different ethnic minorities. In the diocese of Kontum - Pleikou the Gia Rai people are the majority of the Catholics in the rural areas. Since 2005 also the Salesians of Don Bosco started to walk with this ethnic minority. Their language is part of the Austral - Polynesian group (like some languages in Indonesia, Fiji, Samoa and other Pacific Islands). Gia Rai people are about 400.000 and their traditional way of life (close to the nature, matriarchal family clan system) is now challenged by contemporary culture.

Five rural parishes including more than 22 mission stations with a mixture of Vietnamese and Gia Rai Catholics are entrusted in two districts of Chu Prong and Duc Co to the Salesians of Don Bosco. Seven priests, one Salesian Brother and one Cleric are living in six different locations while forming one canonical community: Thanh Ha, Thanh Binh, Khop, Ia Pia and Duc Tam. 

It's a true domestic mission - for the effective ministry to the young and the local people there is a need not only to celebrate the Mass in Gia Rai language, but to be able to communicate in the daily life. First two Salesians in 2005 dedicated six months to language and culture studies.  

Humble sharing of our Charism in this specific highlands environment is expressed through the Oratory building, small boarding houses for the Gia Rai youth, patient faith education and catechist formation in our parishes and mission stations. Indeed Don Bosco is not yet much know in this part of Vietnam, we are the late comers, but side by side with other 30+ religious congregations contributing to the slow sharing of the Gospel in the ethnic minority places. 

The Patron of Chu Prong SDB community is Blessed Ceferino Namuncura (1886-1905) one of the first fruits of Cardinal Cagliero and his companions in the Argentina - Patagonia missions. We pray that this Mapuche tribe leader's son Ceferino will help our missionary community of Chu Prong to journey closely with Gia Rai youth for their integral development and education.