Visit of the Rector Major to Tanzania and Kenya 18-27 april 2017

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Journeys in Tanzania are mostly by air (Dar-Iringa; Iringa-Shinyanga; Shinyanga-Moshi)

18th Tuesday  Dar es Salaam
2:40 p.m.         QR 1347 (from Doha) Arrival and reception [as simple as possible] at Dar es Salaam airport
6:45                 Brief Meeting with the SDB and Novices (concluded with simple Evening Prayer)
8:00 p.m.         RM will have Supper with SDB and Novices (no outsiders) [one or two songs at supper itself]


19th Wednesday Iringa-Mafinga
7:00                 Mass and Morning Prayer
8:00                 to the airport
9:00                 at the airport, departure for Iringa
11:00               Iringa; to Mafinga Seminary (by car)
1:00 p.m.         Lunch with the SDB
3:00                 Meeting with the young people
5:00                 Tea break; rest
6:30                 Meeting with the SDB
8:30                 Supper
Rest (at Mafinga Seminary)


20th Thursday Mafinga-Iringa-Didia
7:00 a.m.                     Mass in the Mafinga Parish Church
8:00                            Breakfast
9:30                            Departure to Iringa
12:00 p.m.                  Lunch with SDB at the Iringa Community. The Bishop is invited
2:30 p.m.                    Departure to Didia (at Iringa airstrip); to Shinyanga (via Dodoma)
5:00                            Arrival at Shinyanga; to Didia (by car)
6:00                            Welcome to the RM by the students [very brief]
8:00                            Supper with SDB


21st Friday Didia-Moshi
7:30                            Breakfast
8:00 a.m.                     Mass with school community and other invited people
10:00                           Meeting the young people
12:30 p.m.                  Lunch
2:00                            Leaving Didia community
3:00                            Leaving Shinyanga airstrip; to Moshi (via Mwanza)
6:00                            Airstrip reception – Moshi
6:30                            At the community gate: small procession to the Statue of Our Lady
6:45                            RM: a word or two to all those gathered around Our Lady
7:00                            Evening Prayer; interaction with all SDB
8:30                            Supper


22nd Saturday Moshi(-Nairobi)
7:15 a.m.                     Solemn Morning Prayer
8:00                            Breakfast with SDB
9:00                             Meeting the young people
11:30                          Holy Eucharist – Moshi Silver Jubilee
1:00 p.m.                    Lunch. The Bishop and other guests are invited
Rest; Personal time
4:00                            Meeting the Salesian Family (Co-operators and Past Pupils)
5:40                            to Moshi airstrip
6:00                            Departure from Moshi airstrip; to KIA; to Wilson’s airport, Nairobi
8:30                            Arrival at Wilson’s airport, Nairobi
Transfer to the Provincial House



23rd April 2017 (Sunday) Upper Hill
8:00 a.m.         Morning Prayer
8:30                 Breakfast
10:00               EUCHARIST of the Rector Major with Perpetual Profession of SDB
12:30 p.m.       Lunch (RM has some rest until 3:00 p.m.)
[1:30 – 3:00    Cultural Program for the young people]
3:00 – 5:00      RM meets the youth
5:30 – 7:30      Meeting the Congress members (Coadjutor Brothers), with a short prayer at the end
8:00                 Supper with the Congress Members and other SDB


24th April 2017 (Monday) Kakuma
5:30 a.m.         Departure to Wilson’s Airport
7:30                 Flight to KAKUMA
9:00                 Arrival at Kakuma
9:30                 Breakfast and time with the 5 SDBs of the community
11:00               With the young people (a little entertainment and converstation)
12:00 p.m.       Little tour of the Camp
1:00                 Lunch with SDBs and UNHCR & Heads of Agencies
2:00                 Leaving the community for the airport
3:00                 Departure from Kakuma airport
5:00                 RM and his entourage arrive from Kakuma
6:30                 Mass with the SDBs of Upper Hill and the FMA Provincial
7:15                 Supper at Upper Hill with the FMA Provincial

25th April 2017 (Tuesday) Upper Hill
7:15                 Mass and Morning Prayer in the community chapel with the Provincial Council
9:00                 RM meets the Provincial Council
1:00 p.m.         Lunch (RM & PC). The Cardinal and Nuntio could be invited to join in
Rest; personal work
4:00                 Tea
4:30                 RM meets the SDB of Nairobi and as many as can come from other houses (Utume included)
7:30                 A short moment of Prayer
8:00                 Dinner with SDB


26th April 2017 (Wednesday) Makuyu
6:00 a.m.         Departure from Upper Hill
7:30                 Breakfast at Makuyu
9:00                 Holy Eucharist with RM
11:00               RM meets the Salesian Family
1:00 p.m.         Lunch with SDB, FMA and the Local Ordinary
4:30                 Meeting the FMA (in their compound)
5:30                 Tea at the FMA’s
7:00                 Supper with SDB
Departure for Nairobi (to avoid the evening traffic)


27th April 2017 (Thursday) Nairobi (Boys’ Town & Utume)
7:30 a.m.         Morning Prayer
9:00                 to Boys’ Town (Karen)
10:00               Eucharist with RM (for all Youth of DBBT, Bosco & Lang’ata Boys, DBYES)
12.30 p.m.       Lunch at Boys’ Town
After lunch RM goes to Utume for rest and personal work
4:30                 Tea (with Utume Confreres)
5:00                 RM interacts with Utume Confreres
7:00                 Vespers for all (other SDB join from Communities)
7:30                 Dinner (RM with all)
Departure to the airport
0:55                 QR to Rome via Doha (28.05)

Rector Major in AFE
Day 7: 24nd April, 2017. Don Bosco, Kakuma, Kenya
Kakuma refugee camp, situated in the northern part of Kenya, is home to over 200,000 people from about twenty countries which had and are having conflicts. Salesians have a community inside the camp where they have a parish with several out-stations, taking care of the spiritual needs of the inmates who are Catholics and a technical school that teaches various technical skills and English to the refugees. There are also three satellite technical schools that are run by the Salesian community. Salesians are the only people who reside inside the camp, all the others, religious, NGOs and the staff of other UN agencies reside outside the camp. This is where the Rector Major made the visit today.
By the early morning UNHCR flight the tenth successor of Don Bosco and his team took off to Turkana region where the camp is situated. On arrival he was welcomed by the Bishop of Lodwar Diocese in which the camp is and the director and few laity from Don Bosco. On his way to the Salesian community he was given a tour of the place where a new technical school is to be built, outside the camp which will also serve the host community, the Turkanas. At the gate of Don Bosco institution a group of refugees welcomed Fr. Artime with songs and traditional dance.
After breakfast Rector Major met with the community. First of all he asked them about the situation in the camp, their hopes and dreams for the place and the challenges they are facing among this people who had to run away because of conflicts. He assured them that such a project is at the heart of the congregation. He told them, “we speak of our preference for the poor but you are in the midst of them”. He tanked each one of them for their dedication and service for the people there who are at the heart of Don Bosco’s mission. He told them that our very presence there, is a witness and we need to be just accompanying them. From his words and sentiments it was clear that this was a special visit for him and he was looking forward to this. He promised to help the mission from the side of the congregation.
After meeting the confreres there was a moment of interaction with the people. There were dances and speeches and words of thanks and appreciation for the work done by Don Bosco mission in the camp. One of the dances by the Rwandese community was so graceful, at one moment Rector Major himself joined them. Then there were the photo session.
Later there was lunch with the staff and the NGOs and the personnel from UNHCR. Lastly our “Don Bosco today” was driven through the camp, just passing through the satellite technical schools, for him to have an idea before he flew back to Nairobi.


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