Cagliero11 and Salesian Missionary Intention - October 2016

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That all Salesians of Don Bosco may rediscover the joy and the responsibility of evangelisation.

Pope Francis invites us to overcome tomb psychology, pastoral acedia and faint melancholy, lacking in hope, which seizes the heart (Evangelii Gaudium 80-83). We pray that all Salesians may rediscover the passion for the salvation of others and the joy of sharing the experience of the fullness of life in Jesus Christ.


147ª mis- sionary ex- pedition!

Let us all join together as a family in a beau- tiful missionary Magnificat: the Lord has done wonders!

As it happens every year, first of all, the numbers speak. From the first expedition sent by Don Bosco himself from Val- docco, there has been 147 send off, involving a total of more than 11,000 SDB.

This year there are 18 members confreres of this expedi- tion. The oldest is 44 years and youngest, 23; their average age is 29. There are 13 practical trainees, all clerics; there are 2 perpetually professed lay brothers; 3 Priests, one is just ordained. The distribu- tion by continent is: Africa sends 6 and receives 4; America sends 3 and receives 5; Asia sends 7 and receives 2; Europe sends 2 and receives 5; and Oceania receives 2.

As we see, mission ad gentes contin- ues in all directions. Each province must feel the duty to give and to receive. The Provinces poorest in vocations should not hesitate to give out of their poverty. Provinces with abundant vocations should continue to prepare the ground also to re- ceive missionaries and strengthen in the Province the prophecy of univer- sal fraternity. Thank you!!

Fr. Guillermo Basañes SDB

Councillor for the Missions

Titolo notiziario Nome società N. 93 - September 2016

Newsletter for Salesian Missionary Animation

A Publication of the Missions Sector for the Salesian Communities and Friends of the Salesian Mission “ … Missionaries always proclaim a message of salvation to everyone; not only those missionaries who go afar, but we too, [are] Christian missionaries who express a good word of salvation. This is the gift that Jesus gives us with the Holy Spirit. …

With what spirit must disciples of Jesus carry out this mission? First of all they must be aware of the difficult and sometimes hostile reality that awaits them. Jesus minces no words about this! Jesus says: “I send you out as lambs in the midst of wolves” (v. 3). This is very clear. Ho- stility is always at the beginning of persecutions of Chri- stians; because Jesus knows that the mission is blocked by the work of evil. For this reason, the laborer of the Gospel will strive to be free from every kind of human conditio- ning, carrying neither purse nor bag nor sandals (cf. v. 4), as Jesus counseled, so as to rely solely in the power of the Cross of Jesus Christ. This means abandoning every motive of personal advantage, careerism or hunger for power, and humbly making ourselves instruments of the salvation car- ried out by Jesus’ sacrifice.

“… There is a great need for Christians who joyfully witness to the Gospel in everyday life. The disciples, sent out by Jesus, “returned with joy” (v. 17). When we do this, our heart fills with joy. This expression makes me think of how much the Church rejoices. She revels when her chil- dren receive the Good News thanks to the dedication of so many men and women who daily proclaim the Gospel: prie- sts — those brave parish priests whom we all know —, nuns, consecrated women, missionary men and women.... I ask myself — listen to the question —: how many of you young people who are now present today in the Square, hear the Lord’s call to follow him? Fear not! Be courageous and bring to others this guiding light of apostolic zeal that the- se exemplary disciples have given to us.

“Let us pray to the Lord, through the inter- cession of the Virgin Mary, that the Church may never lack gene- rous hearts that work to bring everyone the love and kindness of our heavenly Fa- ther.”

Pope Francis

Angelus, 3 July 2016


Salesian Missionary Intention In the history of our Society missionary expeditions ‘ad gentes’, ‘ad exteros’ and ‘ad vitam’ were concrete expressions of this essential dimension of the charism of Don Bosco. We pray that this missionary expedition may stir up apostolic zeal and the joy of evangelisation among Salesians, and may give birth to new Salesian vo- cations.

Witness of Salesian Missionary Sanctity

Fr. Pierluigi Cameroni SDB, Postulator General for the Causes of Saints

The Servant of God Fr. Carlo Braga (1889-1971), missionary in China and the Philippines, wrote to a lady in 1964,: “I should have the holiness necessary to represent the mercy, goodness, magnanimity of the Divine Saviour: I ought to sacrifice myself until death for the creatures that he has placed in my hands! I understand that the blood and the complete sacrifice of ourselves is necessary in order to save, redeem, build, reconstruct! I would like to ask you to help me in this ministry with special help to make redemption and the holy Blood of Jesus fruitful! I myself am not enough, I am a drop in a remote and isolated ocean; I must feel supported by heroic and generous souls.!”

That the 147 th Salesian Missionary Expedition may foster the missionary spi- rit and vocational enthusiasm throughout the Salesian Society.

Members of the 147 th Missionary Expedition

Name Name Province origin Destination
1. P. Fidélius Marie ADJANOHOUN AFO Perù (PER)
2. L. José Maria CASTILLO VERGARA FIN Brasile (BMA)
3. S. Nicholas CHIBUEZE AFW Taiwan (CIN)
4. S. Paulraj CHINNAPPAN INM Paraguay (PAR)
5. P. Gabriel CRUZ MEM Pakistan (FIS)
6. S. José Wilker FRANÇA DA SILVA BRE Bulgaria (CEP)
7. S. Cirilo Patricio DE DEUS ITM Belgio (BEN)
8. S. Julião DOS SANTOS ITM Papua Nuova Guinea (PGS)
9. P. Sławomir DRAPIEWSKI PLO Brasile (BMA)
10. S. Emmanuel ILODIGWE AFW Ungheria (UNG)
11. S. Ilunga Martin Pacifique KALWIBA AFC Tunisia (ISI)
12. S. Jean-Paul MUTOMBO AFC Bulgaria (CEP)
13. S. Harinala Hugue Romel RANDRIAMALA-LATIANA MDG Paraguay (PAR)
14. S. Augusto RODRIGUES DE SOUZA BMA Mozambique (MOZ)
15. S. Vincent Vinh Hien TRAN VIE Progetto Europa
16. S. Joseph Phuc Huu DANG VIE Nigeria (AFW)
17. S. Paul Ky Quan Dai TRAN VIE Nigeria (AFW)
18. L. Reto WANNER GER Papua Nuova Guinea (PGS)