The regional Councillors promote a more direct liaison between the provinces and the Rector Major and his Council. 

They look after the interests of the   province, assigned to them.  They foster in the general Council a knowledge of the local situations in which our mission is carried out.(C. Art. 140)

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Fr. Maria Arokiam Kanaga
Regional Councillor for South Asia
  Province of origin INM
  Nationality India
  Date of birth 04-10-1956
  1st Profession 24-05-1976
  Ordination 25-05-1986
  Degrees - Bachelor in Philosophy
- Bachelor in Theology
- Doctor in Philosophy (UPS)
  Positions held - Rector (Tirupattur; 1992 - 1996, 2003 - 2008)
- Vice Provincial (INM,   1996 - 2002)
  Languages Tamil, English, Italian, German