The Councillor for social communication has the duty of animating the Congregation in this sector.


He promotes Salesian activity in the social communication sector, and in particular coordinates at world level the   structures and centres for which the Congregation has responsibility in this field. (C. Art. 136)

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Fr Filiberto Gonzàlez  Plasencia
Councillor for Social Communication


  Province of origin MEG
  Nationality Mexico
  Date of birth 22-08-1954
  1st Profession 01-10-1974
  Ordination 11-08-1982
  Degrees - Masters in primary education-pedagogy
      - Licentiate in Social Communications
        (UPS, 1992)
  Positions held - Director of Novices (2001 - 2004)
      - Provincial Councillor (1994 - 2006)
      - Provincial (MEG, 2006 - 3. 2008)
  Lanugages Spanish, Italian, English, Portuguese